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Robert Barnete Studio: Equine Artist
Biography: Robert Barnete - Equestrian and Arabic Themes
Current Barnete Paintings Offered: Night Polo
Over the years critics have extolled Robert Barnete's art.

     New York Herald  "The images of enormous but completely "controlled power..."

     New York Times  "Experience makes him able to depict the expression of the Spanish spirit ..." 

      Arts Digest New York   "The paint itself, impasto and alive, seems to be quickened with electrical energy ..."

      A B C Madrid   "Great mobility with a passion that dramatizes the paint"

      Ya Madrid   "This profound and sensitive artist expresses with burning truth the very marrow of Spain..."

     Ruedo Madrid   "The art of Barnete is a great constructive fortress, nerve and brawn in the line..." 

     Puebio Madrid   "As with Goya the subject matter appreciates itself within the harmony of forms and masses ..."